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portrait of Elaine Parker and Brendan Kapuscinski
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portrait of Elaine Parker

Elaine M. Parker is Beyond Risk Management's Vice President of Operations. She is a safety professional with over forty years of experience in the aviation industry.

Throughout her career to date she has served in many senior management positions in operations, marketing, safety, security and training both in the public and private sector. She instructed for fifteen years at the University of Southern California's Engineering Department (in Aviation Safety) and has spoken at international conferences worldwide. Elaine has held an Airline Transport Rating for well over thirty years (IFR not current presently) however she frequently conducts operational and technical courses to remain abreast of the skills and knowledge requirements.

In 2001 she was honoured by the Canadian Minister of Transport with the "2001 Canadian Aviation Safety Award" for her work to promote safety in all sectors of the industry.

Elaine is also a director in Risky Business Productions Ltd. a video production company that produces safety and training videos as well as historical documentary projects.

Elaine has been a full member of the International Society of Air Safety Investigators (ISASI) since 1990 and has sat as a member of the executive of the Canadian Society since 1994.

portrait of Brendan Kapuscinski

Brendan A. Kapuscinski is Vice President of Marketing for Beyond Risk Management. Brendan is a security professional with over thirty-five years of experience in the areas of criminal intelligence/investigation, hostage negotiation and crisis management both in the public and private sectors. During his career he has worked in various senior management positions that included sitting as a member of the Executive Committee of the Calgary Police Service, commanding the Criminal Investigations Division as well as commanding the Professional Standards/Internal Affairs Section.

Brendan has worked for a number of years with aviation companies on topics including human factors training, safety management systems and emergency/crisis response programs from the front line to the boardroom. In addition, he has and continues to conduct training of security and crisis management personnel at all levels. His work within the public sector and also with private organizations has given him a broad perspective on security, safety and crisis management.

In 2003 he received the "Queen's Golden Jubilee Medal" for leading the Joint Intelligence Group during the successful 2002 G8 Summit held in Canada.

Brendan's professional affiliations include, ASIS International, the International Association of Emergency Managers, as well as the Disaster Recovery Information Exchange of which he is Chapter secretary.

portrait of Wayne Walsh

Wayne Walsh, CD, joined the Royal Canadian Air Force in 1966, and during a twenty year career as a military pilot flew throughout North America and Europe. In 1987, Major Walsh retired from the Air Force to join Transport Canada Civil Aviation as a Regional Aviation Safety Officer based in Winnipeg. He spent the next 14 years developing and presenting aviation safety programs and courses in Canada and the United States. In addition, he was the Minister of Transport's representative on numerous accident investigations.

In 2001, Wayne moved to Calgary to a new Transport Canada position with Commercial and Business Aviation. He worked directly with commercial aviation companies as their Principal Inspector to ensure that all of the required regulations were understood and followed. In June 2005, he left Commercial and Business Aviation to become the Project Lead for the implementation of Safety Management Systems within Civil Aviation in Prairie and Northern Region.

Wayne is also a director in Smart Aviation Consulting, providing a range of services to help make Safety Management Systems a success.

Wayne has a BA from York University in Toronto and an Aviation Safety Certificate from the University of Southern California. He is also a trained Aircraft Accident Investigator for both helicopters and aeroplanes.

Wayne can be contacted through Beyond Risk Management Ltd. at 403-804-9745 or You may also check the website at:

portrait of Barbara Dunn

Barbara Dunn is a safety professional with close to 40 years of experience in the transportation industry. Throughout her career she has been involved in accident prevention and investigation not only in aviation but also in rail.

On an international basis, Barbara has taught courses on operational day-to-day safety, as well as cabin accident investigation.

In 1994 the Canadian Minister of Transport honoured her with the "Canadian Aviation Safety Award" for her work to promote safety in the aviation industry with particular attention to her groundbreaking work around Critical Incident Stress response. Throughout most of Barbara's career her accident prevention and investigation work was done while working full time as an operational flight crewmember.

Barbara has participative authorship in a number of published safety studies and has worked extensively as an instructor and safety advocate. She has been a frequent speaker at national and international conferences and has testified on numerous occasions as an expert witness.

portrait of John Meehan

John Meehan's aviation experience spans 45 years as a civil and military pilot, flight instructor, instrument rating and pilot examiner, a VIP Pilot and personal pilot to the Prime Minister of UK, with an extensive safety and legal background as a qualified President of Aircraft Accident Boards of Inquiry, and President of Military Courts Martial. John saw extensive service around the world as Director of Operations in Central America, the Middle East and Northern Ireland.

In 2008, John retired from the Greater Toronto Airports Authority (GTAA) at Toronto Pearson International Airport after 10 years as Manager Safety Managements Systems (SMS), Airfield Compliance and Wildlife Control and was instrumental in the development, training and implementation of the GTAA SMS Program and supporting database.

As President of his own aviation safety company, John remains heavily involved in safety and is currently the SMS Expert for Pryde Schropp McComb Inc, directly assisting 78 airports across Canada to meet Transport Canada (TC) SMS Regulations, and as the Senior Aviation Specialist he is assisting Falcon Environmental Services in establishing an Airport Bird Hazard Risk Assessment Process (ABRAP) at 4 Wg Cold Lake, Alberta. Consequently, John brings a unique in-depth knowledge of the analytical and practical application of safety in both intense military and civil aviation operations, and a first-hand understanding of TC and ICAO safety requirements.

portrait of Karen Barker

Karen Barker is a communications expert with over 30 years experience. Combining her skills as therapist, writer, and presentation coach, Karen has found creative ways to enable her clients to move beyond CHAOS and the perception of obstacles. She has assisted organizations and individuals to build environments and cultures that support empowerment.

Karen has crafted and delivered inspiring and creative messages to international television audiences, radio markets, classrooms, and one on one clients. Karen's insights and compassion combined with her love of life and people enable her clients to see beyond past and present difficulties.

Karen has participated in the development and delivery of successful workshops in dealing with difficult people in volatile situations from front line verbal abuse to crisis intervention. She enjoys the challenge of finding the right scenarios for customer service and employee protection in varying organizational settings.

As a presentation coach, Karen can assist individuals or groups in improving your “audience’s” perception of your sincerity and integrity, increasing the desire people have to be engaged in your message.

Karen can be contacted through Beyond Risk Management Ltd. at 403-804-9745 or You may also check the website at:

portrait of Capt. Bob Johnson

Capt. Bob Johnson has recently repatriated from Beijing, China where he resided since 1999. As a Senior Instructor Pilot, he provided a wide variety of safety services including simulator training for both instructors and line pilots in the Boeing 737, 777 and 787, developing aircraft training programs to meet specific needs of both airlines and regulators, and advising the CAAC on safety-related issues. In 13 years supporting Boeing China, he had over 500 visits to the Chinese airlines and the CAAC, with over 11,000 participants in his training and safety classes.

Capt. Johnson is a recognized expert in the area of Crew Resource Management, licensed by the aviation regulators of China, SAR Macau, SAR Hong Kong and Thailand to conduct CRM seminars. In support of this work, he has developed a new generation of CRM training for the Chinese airline industry and the Civil Aviation Administration of China.

Prior to joining Boeing in 1996 as a production test pilot and instructor, Capt. Johnson amassed over 20,000 hours of scheduled airline and charter operation experience over thirty years in the roles of Captain, check airman, and Fleet Manager in a variety of Boeing and Douglas aircraft throughout the world. As Manager of Flying for Eastern Airlines, he was responsible for standardization, CRM, and the management of 400 pilots and line check airmen in the Douglas DC-9 program.

portrait of Renée Dupont-Adam

Renée Dupont-Adam is currently the Vice-President and a Facilitator of Human Factors Training for System Safety Services in Vancouver, Canada. Renée began her life in aviation when she took her first flight from Lae – Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea in her father's Cessna 182 at the ripe old age of 3 weeks. From that point forward, Renée has been involved in all aspects of aviation from setting up the Aircraft Maintenance Engineers Association (PAMEA) and the Maintenance and Ramp Safety Society (MARSS), and helping present the 1st World Conference on Maintenance Errors and Their Prevention in 1995. She held the position of Editor for “GroundEffects” from 1997 – 2002. In 1993, the “Dirty Dozen” posters were developed by her father, Gordon Dupont, who is know as the “Father of the Dirty Dozen,” and thus she became the “Sister of the Dirty Dozen.” Renée is an active member of both the Quarter Century Club in Aviation as well as Women in Aviation International, and currently holds her Student private pilots license.

She has spoken at many Aviation Safety Conferences and Symposiums including: WATS, Flight Safety Foundation, ARTEX, CHC Safety Summit, CAMEA, and more. Renée continues to facilitate workshops and make presentations all over North America in the interest of furthering safety awareness by helping engineers and companies develop “Safety Nets” to lessen the occurrence of making the mistake they don’t intend to make.

Renée can be contacted through Beyond Risk Management Ltd. at 403-804-9745 or You may also check the website at:

portrait of Gary Armstrong

Gary Armstrong knows and understands leadership. He has a Masters of Arts (Leadership) and a Graduate Certificate in Executive Coaching from Royal Roads University, a Diploma in Adult Education from St Francis Xavier University, a Diploma in Criminal Justice from Mount Royal College, a Certificate in Conflict Resolution and Mediation from Mount Royal College, and a Certificate in Business Management from the University of Calgary.

As an educator and group facilitator while employed in the public, not for profit, and private sectors, Gary has led learning in Conflict Resolution, Crisis Intervention, Customer Service, Effective Communication, Ethics, Influence, Interpersonal Communication, Interviewing, Leadership, Managing Change, Recruitment and Selection, Respectful Workplace, Supervision, and Workplace Bullying.

Gary’s most recent work has been within the Oil and Gas industry. In 2005 Gary was the recipient of the Royal Roads University Founders Award.

Gary creates learning programs that will have your workforce display greater competence in:

  • Taking the Lead
  • Managing change
  • Managing conflict
  • Envisioning the future
  • Thinking and acting strategically
  • Developing and coaching others
  • Developing strong relationships

Gary can be contacted through Beyond Risk Management Ltd. at 403-804-9745 or You may also check the website at:

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